EUCALIPTUS RESORT is a space that through the comfort of their cabins and meeting room invites to connect in harmony with nature, leading its guests and customers to a quiet and relaxing ambience, through the commitment with the environmental protection, socio cultural and economic interests in the region.

By promoting continuous improvement efforts and framed in rights and duties of the actors of sustainable tourism in which we participate; committed against the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

At EUCALIPTUS RESORT S.A.S, we are committed to the NO discrimination, and exclusion of the most vulnerable populations. Law 1482 of 2011 is intended to sanction acts of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political ideology or philosophy, sex or sexual orientation, disability and other reasons for discrimination.

This, your hotel, committed to preserving the environment, wants you to be part of our team of saving resources and biodiversity in general; so that our future generations can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, flora, fauna and the whole ecological environment that you are in some way.

Do not do it just for you, do it for your children, do it for the planet.

Responsible environmental behavior we expect from our guests and our employees.

One of the major causes of environmental degradation, corresponds to unsustainable consumption patterns. To achieve sustainable development, create awareness and promote the involvement of society in environmental issues.

Responsible environmental behavior is human behavior that consciously seeks to protect, preserve and / or minimize negative impacts on the environment.

Given the above, EUCALIPTUS RESORT makes ​​the following recommendations and invites you kindly to voluntarily contribute to preserving the environment:

- Turn off lights, fans and equipment when not in use. Make the most of natural light.
- Take shorter showers. Turn off faucets while soaping, brushing your teeth or shaving.
- Avoid collecting plants, seeds and natural elements when making ecological tours.
- Let clean as it was when it arrived.
- All waste containers suitable for each order.
- Do not give food to the animals and birds that make up our natural fauna.

The environmental protection will provide better for me and my family.



- Knowing the information management of natural, cultural and economic resources that impact the Hotel.
- Enjoying the tourist sites in the region.
- Enjoying all the amenities and accommodations of the Hotel.
- Knowing the information applicable legal requirements guests to tourism activities and accommodations.
- Knowing the policies and guidelines for the provision of services of the hotel.
- Right to smoke in areas designated for that purpose.


- Respect the culture, beliefs, religion, traditions and habits of people in the region.
- Make proper use of the Hotel and its surroundings.
- Make rational use of natural resources.
- Respect the social spaces of the hotel.
- Meet legal requirements for the prevention of sexual exploitation of children.
- Fulfill contractual conditions for the service.
- Respect the tranquility of other guests.
- Make source separation of waste generated.


DO NOT MARKET OR TRAFFIC WITH WILDLIFE SPECIES. It is penalized by Act 17 of 1,981 and by the Ministerial Resolution Number. 1,367 of 2,000.
DO NOT MARKET OR TRAFFIC cultural property ILLEGALLY, It is penalized by Act 103 of 1,991 and 1,941 decree 904 of Act 397 of 1,997 and 2,002 decree 833 of Law 1,185 of 2,008.
We care for out guests, for this reason EUCALIPTUS RESORT is a FREE TABACCO zone. Law 1,335 of 2,009 - 1,956 of 2,008 resolution.

NOTE: Please ask with the management which are the areas available for smoking.
EUCALIPTUS RESORT agrees and invites ALL OUT GUESTS to prevent and counter exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism involving children and adolescents. Act 679 of 2001.